The Laird (the_laird) wrote in harrishothouse,
The Laird

The hottest house

Much has been said in the past of the Harris Hothouse Chili Cook-Off. Much over the last 6 years. Well, I haven't managed the last 5 years before this, so I can't really say much about those, but I think I can manage a few things about this year's.....

Much thanks to mom, papajuan, just_j, coral, Germz and Brook (amongst others) to making me feel most welcome by inviting me into their houses, their lives and their tradition. I hope I didn't violate too many rules!

It was great to see so many faces both old and new (too many to mention by name, but I am sure "Kris" covers about 6 or 7 of them) and I thank you all for keeping me entertained, humoured, drunk, well fed and happy.

I apologise for bailing so early on Sunday, but I was still recovering from being sick the last couple of weeks and the altitude, alcohol and energy just left me drained (I fell asleep by 3pm on Sunday and woke up at 4am Monday morning) and anyone who knows me can tell you I turn decidedly grumpy when I'm tired. I do regret not managing to get a "got jello?" pic to go with the "got fudge?" icon.

I don't have that many pictures, I was too busy enjoying my pale self (I tell you, people out there have some serious tans going on!), but I will post those as soon as I can. I do have a few videos - Johnathan, do you want the unedited, full quality (in recording, not content or cinematography) versions before I start playing with them?

Wow, this is the longest post I have written in months!
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