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More Cook-Off Pictures


Pictures, Second (Last) Set

Click one of the following YouSendIt links to download a zip file of some pictures I took (47 pictures, 3.4 MB total):

Again, each link will stay up for about seven days (or a limited number of downloads - I think 25 each - whichever comes first).

Note: Not all the pictures I took came out. Some were too dark, some too blurry, etc. But these are the ones I thought were good to share. So some of you who may have remembered posing - you may not see your picture in this set nor the previous set. However, as other photographers also took pictures and Mel has a download of all the raw picture files I took before I left (except a few at the end that were taken after Brandy and I had left, realized on the I-15 that I had forgotten my batter charger, turned around, drove back to pick it up, left again), I'm sure there will be tons of pictures in total that will be available. :)

Finally, I want to publicly thank everyone who helped make the Cook-Off a great experience. Thanks especially to Mom and John, Mel and Johnathan, Brook and Germz, Mike and Christine, Mike and Tony, Allie and Tigger, Bobo the magic cockatiel and his ear-piercing beak, the leather sofas, the cozy booths, the margarita machines, and all the contestants and old friends and new friends and friendly strangers and babies who contributed so much to the whole Cook-Off experience. Thank you!
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