J not Jay (justj) wrote in harrishothouse,
J not Jay

I have to say it is pretty cool that even though I have been too busy to start pimpin The Cook-Off, some of the rest of you are already are well into Cook-Off mode!!...

I would say that I have been contacted by more people this year than any other by this time... Maybe I should keep quiet about it more often, you know the whole 'if you have it, they will come' thing ;)... With each email, I get more and more excited about getting to see old friends!..

Anyway, I updated the dates on the website, it is the weekend of October 14th this year...

As usual, some of you still haven't given me your pics from last year, so the pics still aren't updated, but I'll let yall fight amongst yerselves about that ;)...

It's time to start tellin your friends, and start making your travel plans... I love it when we have something to look forward too :)

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