J not Jay (justj) wrote in harrishothouse,
J not Jay

We just had a couple friends over talking about THE Cook-Off...

Both of them started asking if we were interested in sponsorships, cause they both have companies... We said of course we are, we are always willing to let people help out ;)...

They are both usually true to their word, so if they actually produce it could mean even more that this will be the best year ever!!

Not to mention that combined they are good for easily another 30 guests, which as far as I am concerned, the more the merrier!! That seems to be how this year is going, everyone is talking about bringing GROUPS rather than just a buddy... I think it's time for the rest of you to start your full blown recruiting efforts so that your group isn't dwarfed by someone elses ;)...

Oh and girls, you can ask coral for sure, but I haven't met many girls that haven't thought the one 'sponsor' friend and his friends aren't all good lookin ;)
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