J not Jay (justj) wrote in harrishothouse,
J not Jay

Cook Off Prep Weekend!

It's that time of year that we work our ass off every weekend getting ready for THE Harris Hot House Chili Cook-Off & Guac-A-Thon!!

This weekend all of us will be out there preparing the property and dragging out all the Cook-Off gear. People ask each year how they can help, this is the cheapest and most appreciated way to donate to the event!! Plus free beer is ALWAYS a good thing!! ;)

Also a bunch of you have asked about making booths this year... You want to get started sooner rather than later... Nothing get's you motivated more than coming out a couple weekends before THE Cook-Off and brainstorming!!

The more fall is in the air, the more excited I get for THE Cook-Off!!

Got questions?

PS If you are coming to THE Cook-Off be sure to RSVP!! http://harrishothouse.com/cookoff/rsvp.php
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